Day Care Transportation

Information on daycare transportation to before and / or after school daycare facilities.

1. This service is only for In district Elementary School students.

2. The daycare provider / business must be located within the Township of North Brunswick.
Private homes do not qualify as a daycare facility.

3. The daycare provider / business must be board approved and under signed agreement with the board of education.

4. Download and print the required form: Day Care Parent Authorization Form.

5. Request forms submitted must have all of the information completed and be presented in person, along with a photo ID, to the transportation office.

6. Requests need to be submitted 2 work days before the start of the new month.

Example: Daycare needed for Tuesday - October 1, 2019.
The completed form must be submitted by Thursday – September 26, 2019.

7. All request start on the 1st day of each month and are for the entire month.

8. If you sign up for this service please note that transportation is for for that month. We do not set up transportation for one or two days a week or every other week, etc...

9. Any changes must be submitted in writing to the transportation department in person along with a photo ID. Change requests also need to follow being submitted 2 work days before the start of the new month and will start at beginning of the new month.

10. If you want to cancel daycare transportation you also must submit a written notice in person to the transportation office 2 work days before the start of the new month. Failure to notify of cancellation will result in the daycare facility being billed for services the next month.

Day Care requests do not carry over from one school year to the next.
Day Care requests for the start of a school year MUST be submitted by the second week in August for the upcoming school year.