Board of Education Members

308 Old Georges Road
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
732-289-3000 phone
732-297-8567 fax

Board of Education Members
Gloria N. Gonzalez, President ggonzalez@nbtschools.org
Barry Duran Harris, Vice President bdharris@nbtschools.org
David Brockman dbrockman@nbtschools.org
Anthony Brooks tbrooks@nbtschools.org
Elesia James ejames@nbtschools.org
Coleen Keefe ckeefe@nbtschools.org
Richard Liguori
Dr. Paragi N. Patel ppatel@nbtschools.org
Hayley Toth htoth@nbtschools.org
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Request for Public Records Form (OPRA)

The North Brunswick Board Of Education is seeking to fill an unexpired term for a school board position, on or about March 24, 2021 through January 2023 Reorganization Meeting. Learn more.