Visitor's Guide


Judd School welcomes parents, guardians, community members, and professional guests. Though we are open and honored to accept visitors, we must carefully adhere to safety procedures, minimize interruptions, and guard pupil privacy. To that end, all visitors must report to the main office. There, visitors must sign in and obtain and wear a visitor’s tag.

GUIDELINES for PARENT or GUARDIAN VISITATION to a classroom are as follows:

  • Parents/guardians must confer with the teacher to pre-arrange a visitation. Requests must allow reasonable time for preparation and must be made at least one day before desired date and time.
  • The visit will be of reasonable length and will generally be limited to one standard (40 minute) instructional period.
  • Parent/guardian visitations will be limited to the classroom of the adult’s child only.
  • Adults who visit or volunteer in the classroom are reminded not to bring other children or siblings with them. This District request is due to the insurance liability involved as well as the potential for disruption that may occur when children other than students are present.

    GUIDELINES for PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANTS and OTHER VISITORS for visitation to a classroom are as follows:

  • Visitations must be pre-arranged. Professional consultants or others must be approved by the principal or administrator who will confer with the teacher to select an appropriate time for visitation.
  • Visitation requests must be made at least one week in advance.
  • A "Specialized Visit or Observation Form," obtainable from our school office, must be completed and submitted to the Principal or his representative prior to the visit.
  • The length of the visit will be determined according to the nature of the visit and must be approved by the principal or administrator.